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Hydraulic Gate & Door Closers

Ace Doorclosers specialize in the manufacture of custom made hydaulic gate closers to suit various unique applications. 

We manufacure closers to suit both metal or timber gates for applications where secure latching and quiet operation are essential.

New to Australia - the 'Adjustable Pedestrian Gate Closer' creates a controlled closing action for all types of gates.

  • Body Corporate Gates
  • Swimming Pool Gates and Front Entry Gates to your home
  • School Gates and Child Care Gates,
  • Industrial Security Gates, Farm Gates and many more.

With adjustable closing speed and adjustable closing force, this new gate closing system will effectively close a variety of gate design. It is easy to install provided your gate is designed to suit the system. Pull side installation is required and gates surface must be inline with the post or pillar. Good quality fixing brackets will suit a 50mm post and opening angle of gate must be restricted to 110 degrees.

Available in standard Black finish or Stainless Steel for coastal environments.

For more information on this product or our other Gate and Door Closer products

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Door Closer Specialist is the Australian Distributor for Gate Control Gear products.


Call and talk to our sales team for help in selecting the right closing system for your gate or door.

Please provide photos showing the gate and post on the hinge side.


About Ace Doorclosers

Ace Doorcloser is primarily focused on the sales, installation and maintenance of hydraulic door closers. Providing a reliable service to Melbourne businesses for more than 25 years