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All mechanical and hydraulic equipment require regular maintenance to ensure that it functions correctly and provides optimum efficiency over its lifespan.

Variations in temperature, high usage volumes and fluctuations in wind-loading are factors that may affect the performance of hydraulic door closers.  Regular maintenance reduces the severity of the impact of problems associated with malfunctioning Doorclosers including:

1)    Doors slamming shut, creating both an Occupational Health and Safety risk as well as potential damage to the door, door furniture and associated infrastructure surrounding the door.


2)    Doors not closing and locking securely, causing both security risks as well as failure to comply with fire safety regulations in the case of fire and smoke doors.


Ace Door Closers can customize a Scheduled Maintenance Program designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers, whereby all hydraulic closers are routinely inspected and adjusted. Detailed feedback will then be provided on all works undertaken, any defects found, as well as a written quotation for any repairs required.

If you would like more information on how Ace Doorclosers can tailor a Maintenance Program to suite your requirements please Contact us.

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    Ace Doorcloser is primarily focused on the sales, installation and maintenance of hydraulic door closers. Providing a reliable service to Melbourne businesses for more than 25 years