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GEZE door closer TS 5000 E


TS 5000 E – Door closer with electromechanical hold-open device

The electromechanical hold-open device in the guide rail means that the overhead TS 5000 E door closer can be infinitely adjusted to an exact point. Since this hold-open device is released in the event of fire or a power failure and the door closes safely, this closer is authorised for use with single leaf fire and smoke protection doors.


Product features

  • Door closer TS 5000 E with low guide rail at 30 mm installation height
  • Operating voltage 24 V DC
  • For doors with up to 1,400 mm leaf width
  • Closing force, adjustable EN 2-6
  • Can be used for right and left swing doors without conversion
  • For fire and smoke protection doors (with mounting plate)
  • Hydraulic end stop and closing speed can be adjusted
  • Integrated opening buffer and optical closing force display
  • Electromechanical hold-open device in the guide rail, hold-open range 80°-130°
  • All functions can be set from the front

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